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The Stonehenge Triathlon – Competitor Information

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Location / Race HQ. Durrington Leisure Centre, Recreation Rd, Durrington, Wilts, SP4 8HH, 01980 594594.

First Aid. Lifeguards at the pool will provide first aid in the pool. More first aiders will provide further event cover. Serious incidents will be reported immediately to the emergency services using 999. Salisbury District Hospital is the closest A&E at SP2 8BJ, contact number 01722 336262 (check number for currency).

Risk Assessment (RA)/ Emergency Action Plan (EAP). An event risk assessment has been produced in accordance with British Triathlon requirements, and the event team, along with the pool staff, will act on any emergencies if required. Please read the race brief on the final page, there is important safety information contained within it, you will not be verbally briefed on the day. British Triathlon Registration and Technical Official. The event is registered through British Triathlon and a Technical Official has been appointed. Ensure you are aware of British Triathlon

Competition Rules, which can be found here: .

Official Timekeeper and Results Service. LPS Events are the results service provider, which includes chip timing. You will be issued a timing chip at registration, you should wear this on your left ankle for all parts of the event. Ensure you have it on before entering the pool for your swim start.

Facilities. The following facilities are available at Durrington Pool:

  • Changing rooms and toilets

  • Lockers (20p required)

  • Upstairs pool viewing gallery for spectators

  • 25m, 4 laned pool

Waste and Environmental Management Plan. The event is striving to be as carbon neutral and plastic free as possible. Points relating to this are below:

  • Tyvek race numbers – check local recycling facilities, if they don’t take them, you can send them to Dupont who have a recycling scheme in place:

  • No single use cups at water stations – there is no water station this year, if you want a drink, take it on the bike, and if you think you’ll need one on the run, take a bottle

  • No single use/non-compostable containers used by food and drink providers

  • Medals made from sustainable or recycled/re-used materials

  • No t-shirts or goody bags

Charity Food Stall. This will be run by our volunteers in aid of Anthony Nolan this year. There will be hot and cold drinks, plus cakes. If you have a travel cup, bring it with you to reduce any waste.

Swim Official / Starter. On being called forward for your swim wave, the swim starter will brief you on the swim leg. This includes which hat colours go when, lane direction, safety brief, lane etiquette).Route: 400m (16 lengths) pool swim, exit pool via rear emergency exits, down steps (take care, will be slippery) and left to transition area on adjoining multisport games area (MUGA). 19km bike as per the route map and detailed route card, out to Netheravon and back, marked by signs and marshals at key points. 5km run as per map and route card, with the detailed route marked by

arrows and marshals at key points. You should familiarise yourself with the course and follow signs and marshals during the event.

Volunteers/Marshals: Please be kind to our volunteers, without them we cannot run the event. They are there to help and guide you, if you have an incident during the event on the course, please get to the nearest marshal if you can, who will have a phone and numbers to call for further assistance if required.

Prizes. The following will be presented on the day:

1st, 2nd & 3rd overall open, female, vet open, vet female, junior open, junior female, first team from ATC, STC, STAR clubs; based on the combined time of the first three to finish from each club.

Timings. The day will run as below:

7:30-8:45am – Registration open, upstairs studio at the pool

8:15am – Wave 1 on poolside for race brief

8:30am – Wave 1 of 12/16 competitors starts swim, first riders on course by 08:45am

8:40am – Wave 2 on poolside for race brief

8:50am – Wave 2 of 12/16 starts swim (running total 24/32)

9:05am – Wave 3 of 12/16 starts swim (running total 36/48)

9:10am – First riders reach Netheravon

9:20am – Wave 4 of 12 starts swim (running total 48/60)

9:30am – Wave 5 of 12 starts swim (running total 60/72)

9:40am – Wave 6 of 12 starts swim (running total 72/84)

9:40am – First riders return to transition and start run

9:50am – Wave 7 of 12 starts swim (running total 84/96)

9:55am – First runners reach 2.5km turnaround on run

10:00am – Wave 8 of 12 starts swim (running total 96/108)

10:15am – First runners finish

11:30am – Last runner finishes race

12:00pm – Prize giving

Registration: Registration will be in the upstairs studio at the pool at the times shown above. All competitors must register prior to racing. Competitors must produce their Home Nation (Tri England, Welsh Tri, Tri Scotland) license or some form of photo ID. Non-Home Nation members should have been sent an electronic day license which they paid for on entry. You will be numbered with a marker pen on the left arm and right leg. Anyone appearing unwell or carrying an obvious injury will be refused entry to the event for their own safety.

Results: Results will be compiled on the day and will then be emailed out and posted on: as soon as possible after the event.

Photographs: There is no official photographer, but the event team and marshals may take pictures from around the race. Any photos taken may be posted on social media and used for future advertising.




Most of the route is on quiet country roads. Please remain alert and abide by the Highway Code at all times. At junctions you must stop if a marshal directs you to or other road users have priority. A marshal will stop you at a junction if they judge it unsafe for you to cross. Dangerous riding will result in disqualification. There will be marshals on the course. If you are unable to continue or if you see someone in difficulties please report it to the nearest marshal so we can take action. This is a non-drafting race. Ensure you fasten your helmet before touching your bike in transition. Only mount your bike after the Mount Line. You will not be allowed to ride it out of Transition. Note, there are new speed bumps that were recently installed on the road immediately from transition. The mount/dismount line is beyond the first hump, but there is a second to negotiate; take extra care over this in both directions.


1. From the pool, straight ahead and then turn right onto Recreation Road.

2. At the end of Recreation Road, turn left. Turn arrow.

3. At roundabout turn left and continue for approximately 1km. Turn arrow, marshal.

4. Turn left into Orchard End at the Rose & Crown pub roundabout and follow road to the left for approx 300m. Turn arrow, marshals.

5. Turn left into Milston Road. Turn arrow, marshals. After another 1.5km, at the crossroads with Church Road, runners may be crossing the road but cyclists will have priority. Caution Runners sign. A further 1.5km onto a short, steady descent, be aware of the junction to the left from Ablington. Continue for 1.5km until T Junction. Turn arrow, marshals.

6. At T Junction turn left, follow road down and round until you reach a junction. The descent down to Netheravon has a poor surface in places, take care, stay to the left particularly as the road bares right to the narrow bridge. Caution sign.

7. Turn right and keep on the road through the High Street turn arrow (this is a residential street rather than a shopping area) for about 1.5km until you reach a crossroads.

8. Turn right and go up the hill, past Airfield Camp. Turn arrow, marshals. Take care on this hill

as the road narrows. Straight on after the hill until the junction.

9. At the junction turn left (turn arrow) and continue straight on for approximately 5km until the t-junction.

10. At the t-junction turn right onto Salisbury Road until the junction. Turn arrow, marshals. TAKE CARE CROSSING THIS ROAD. YOU MUST STOP IF THE MARSHAL DIRECTS YOU TO.

11. At the roundabout turn right. Arrow, marshals. TAKE CARE.

12. Straight on up Bulford Hill to the roundabout.

13. At the roundabout turn right into Bulford Road. Turn right, marshal. Continue until the crossroads.

14. At the crossroads turn right into Recreation Road. Turn arrow.

15. Turn left to return to the Pool.

You must dismount before the dismount line and keep your helmet on and

fastened until you are in Transition. You will not be allowed to ride into

Transition. Stay on the left hand side to avoid cyclists going out.



The run route is on grass, tarmac and well surfaced track. Keep to the left at all times. There is a short part of the course along the river which is narrow. It is wide enough for 2 people to pass but not wide enough for a third person to overtake. This section is also very uneven so extra care is required. There will be marshals at various points of the course.


1. From Transition run across the road, taking care, watching for road users and curbs. Go through the narrow opening onto Milston View.

2. Run on the path to the right for 30m then turn right along the fence where the narrow tarmac path turns into a gravel path.

3. Continue straight down past the school then turn right onto The Ham. At the end of the road turn left through a narrow metal barrier.

4. After 15m turn right and remain on narrow track along the river (very uneven surface), turn left onto metal bridge. This track is narrow so please keep to the left.

5. At the end through the metal barrier and turn right onto Church Road. Uphill, at the crossroads continue straight on. Take care crossing as this road crosses the bike route and is open to other road users. You must stop if the marshal directs you to.

6. Continue straight on, past a farm on your right until you reach a crossroads which is the turnaround point.

7. U-Turn around the cone and continue downhill until the crossroads. Straight over at the crossroads onto Church Road. Take care crossing as this road crosses the bike route. You must stop if the marshal directs you to.

8. Continue down Church Road for about 200m until the footpath and turn left through the metal barrier. This section is very uneven so extra care is required. Continue on the path, over the bridge turning immediately right and remain on the path. At the end of the path, turn right onto The Ham.

9. Continue on The Ham straight along until the left turn, retracing your steps up the narrow gravel path to Milston View.

10. Turn left into Milston View.

11. At the gate turn right. Remain on the pavement until the marshal directs you to cross the road. Take care as cyclists may be going out and coming in although they will be dismounted.

12. Once on the field, follow the tape around the field to the finish line.


Thankyou for entering the Stonehenge Triathlon, we appreciate your support for this event.

Each competitor will complete 400m, so 16 lengths of the pool, swimming on your front. If you are having problems, please turn onto your back and attract the attention of an official or lifeguard. The swim will start in the water, no dive starts are allowed. You will be given a direction of travel in your swim lane, either clockwise or anti-clockwise, please stick to it and look out for each other. Overtaking is permitted, but please look ahead and avoid head-on collisions. If you intend to pass someone, tap their feet and they should wait briefly at the next end and allow you to pass quickly. When you have 2 lengths to go, the marshal will put a large float in the water as you approach, to indicate 50m to go. Once you've completed your 16 lengths, exit the pool at the deep end and deposit your swim hat on the poolside, then leave the building down the steps; take care, they will be very slippery, as will the grass outside en route to transition! The transition area is on the all-weather sports pitch to the rear of the pool building, look out for trip hazards.

Before leaving transition, you must place a top on that covers your torso, no one is to ride or run bare chested. (If inclement weather, it may be worth putting on a gillet or jacket). You must put on your helmet and do up the strap before touching your bike. Note the bike route information above, there are newly installed speed bumps on the road near the pool. Follow the arrows and marshals out on the bike and run routes. The bike is on mostly quiet, undulating roads, open to the public. The route is narrow in places so take care and obey the Highway Code at all times. Be vigilant at junctions, and stop if required when turning right. Please follow any instructions given to you by marshals. Take on sufficient fluids during the bike leg, especially if conditions are warm and you anticipate being out on the run course for more than 40 minutes. There will be no water on the run course unless it is extremely hot. If you think you need fluids during the run, carry a bottle.

The run is on a mix of tarmac roads, trails/tracks and paths. Take care on the bridges section, they may be slippery. The paths are narrow and very uneven in places, so stay left to avoid collisions as runners may meet in opposite directions. The main danger point is the crossroads at Church Road and Milston Road, there will be 2 marshals, they cannot stop traffic, so you must obey the rules of the road; give way, then continue when safe. This is the same in both directions. The run is 5km long, with an uphill first half and downhill on the way back.

If you feel unwell on the bike or run, report to the nearest marshal who will contact race control; if First Aid is required, someone will come to you. If emergency services are required, a marshal will call 999. Look after each other, if you see someone in distress, offer assistance, it is only a race!

The finish line is outside the leisure centre after completing a lap of the playing field. While results are being processed, you can enjoy refreshments from our charity stall, in aid of charity. Prize presentation will take place between 1200 and 1230hrs near the finish line if the weather allows.

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